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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your business hours?

A: We accommodate our customers for pick-up services, based on their needs. Our customers will be assigned a staff member that will assist you with the ordering process, as well as making pick up arrangements. This will ensure your ordering process is seamless.

Q: What kind of apparel does JB offer?

A: Team uniforms, school apparel, company branding and clubs. JB takes great pride in helping your group look great!

Q: How do I place an order?

A: Once you have decided what you would like to order, you then must email JB the details of your order. (Order forms available online) JB follows an ordering guideline checklist that will help ensure your order will be processed accurately.

Q: Do I need to fill out an order form?

A: Filling out an order form will simplify the ordering process for you, as well as JB. Rest assured that our staff will assist you in the submission of your order, if necessary.

Q: I emailed JB my order last week and I have my pick up date scheduled. I just realized I forgot to order a polo shirt for our assistant coach. What can I do?

A: Once your original order has been submitted, any additional orders (add-on) must be placed on a new order form. This additional order (add-on) may have a different pick up date as well.

Q: Do I pay any additional art charges?

A: Fees for art are assessed per each order. Some art and logos require extensive time to recreate or build. JB will notify all customers before any art charges are implemented. Art designs are allowed 3 revisions. JB strives to make your design unique to set your group apart from the rest!

Q: I have my order ready to email, how do I pay?

A: JB has an online payment available with your invoicing. We accept credit cards, checks and cash. JB requires 1/2 down at the time you place your order, and the balance is due the day you pick up your order. If you have any concerns regarding payment, you may make arrangements with your contact person.

Q: I only need to order one shirt; can I fill out an order form for one shirt?

A: JB strives to accommodate all of our customers. Although our business is geared towards groups or clubs, we require a 6 shirt minimum. JB staff members will be happy to answer any ordering questions, you may have.

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